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SAP MM Facts

  • SAP MM is ZERO % Technical, absolutely NO coding or NO programming.
  • No, IT education, No IT knowledge or No IT experience is required to learn or work on SAP MM.
  • SAP 2020 version is S/4 HANA & the old version is ECC. S/4 HANA would be in the market for 20 more years at least
  • SAP MM is one of the cores and mandatory modules of SAP.
  • Companies using SAP cannot run their business without the SAP MM module.
  • Companies using SAP cannot run their business without the SAP MM module.
  • 1 out of 10 SAP jobs requires Certification.
  • So, get a job in SAP MM and then go for the certification, after the training.

SAP Material Management

CanSAP is offering short intensive training programs designed for trainees so that they can have practical knowledge in this field. Our Systems Applications & Products Material Management (SAP MM) is definitely one of the crucial modules that support the attainment and inventory functions occurring in daily-basis business operations. Our MM module comprises various aspects including purchasing, goods receiving, material storage, consumption-based planning, along with the inventory.

The SAP MM training program at CanSAP validates the power to perform the SAP MM-related jobs. When students have a detailed understanding of SAP MM, they can apply their knowledge to various activities as application consultants under the observation of an expert. This training supports that students have the in-depth understanding and required skills to be productive professional members of a team.

Become A Material Management Specialist

The fundamental role of SAP MM is to ensure that the materials of an organization are managed in the right quantities. It makes sure that there is no shortage or break in the supply chain of the organization. Our SAP MM training will help supply chain professionals buy raw materials and commodities in a timely and economical way. Contact us to know more about our courses and facilities.